Sunday, October 6, 2013


Lots of home time this weekend, which was very nice. I had a lot of parsley from the garden, so I chopped it all up in the food processor and made 3 dozen parsley ice cubes for food in the fall/winter/spring. I made meatballs. I made split pea soup and apple cake because it's October, even if it is 90 degrees. NINETY DEGREES. We cleaned, we trampolined. We had s'mores with my wonderful niece who was home for 18 hours. I knit.

Praying Mantis

Smith did 5 hours of homework. Actually, it was probably 2.5 hours of homework, but he couldn't focus that well the whole time - as I found out afterwards. He got it done, though, and it's a good exercise for him.

Tate worked on a fort that she wants to leave up until next Saturday so she can sleep in it. Oh, and she has become Captain Violence, with a pink cape no less. She punched David in the belly and then said "I am Captain Violence," in rather a reasonable tone.

"Keep out"

"Speek to the hand" with the fort held up with a paint brush

We were going to go apple picking, but did I mention that it is 90 degrees outside? Mm, no.

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  1. Oh my gosh that picture of Taters "listening" to the trumpet. Classic.