Saturday, March 31, 2012

Luck of the Latvians

Loved these St. Patrick's Day pictures. A leprechaun (or two?) made a mess of our kitchen but left some Lucky Charms, which was kind after leaving little pots of gold glitter everywhere. Then we left BEFORE the crack of dawn to check out Lucky the Leprechaun tree at the red bridge park to see if any small green men left anything, and they did! Rainbow candles, more pots of gold, and a tiny green scarf! It was a spooky/cool foggy morning.

Then it was off to the local farmer's market where they had baby goats!! Oh my, the cuteness! They were letting us hold them, they were 3 days old and bleating (is that what goats do?), nuzzling our necks for milk, and just so flipping cute. They were selling goat milk soap, and the stand JUST NEXT to theirs was selling...goat meat. The sign said "Goat meat - it's better for you than chicken!" Oh my.

Later that evening, we celebrated the January/February/March birthdays in my family - it was a gorgeous night and a great time with people we love.

Just a couple other pictures - nothing cuter than the mighty beans with two ponytails. I mean, seriously.

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