Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coaster love

Just finished this beauty a week or so ago, took all of an hour to make and it makes me want to make MORE MORE MORE! But alas, I only have one mug of coffee or one glass of water going at a time, so making more seems a little crazy. I'm trying not to build this into a teacher gift bonanza - or a St. Patrick's day event...I tend towards obsession on crafts. 

Two teeth down...she lost her second bottom one, tooth fairy was a success (she left a note asking what the name is of our tooth fairy, and the answer was "Frank, but Lillian usually has [our neighborhood]". Silly fairies! The next night, Tate put both her lost teeth under her pillow, hoping Frank or Lillian would be fooled or take pity on her and leave a little more cash...Smith's response? "That NEVER would have occurred to me to do that!" Sometimes I worry his 5 year younger sister is teaching him bad habits!

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