Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

Finally got around to celebrating Tate's 5th birthday, just a couple weeks before her 6th! She wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge, and what a time we had! That place is great, perfect for the kids. It's interesting how comfortable you end up feeling by the end of the day, walking around in just your bathing suit. Tate walked up to David and me several times and squished our bellies - nothing makes you as humble as your child.

We stayed in such a fun room, the Wolf Den or something, and overall just had a really great, family two days. Although, David overheard one family talking about staying their 5 days...don't know that I could do that! 

They had these cool wristbands that were your room key, and our two linked in with our credit cards, so we would wave our arm in front of a vending machine and POOF! or wave it in front of the $7 ice cream robot and POOF! Very fun until the bill came along...
(Ice cream robot - seriously, $7 each)

Very fun weekend, and so fun packed that even Tate said "let's just do one more ride and then go, okay? I'm tired." Words seldom uttered from her!

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