Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buckle Fractures

Smith had an epic tangle with another soccer player during a tournament and ended up with a buckle fracture. He went out in style, for sure! He'll be ready to play again soon, which makes him and his dad happy. 

Meanwhile, a great header and some photos from the hospital - his hair started out as a fauxhawk, but boy was it windy that day!

Tate and company were using a blanket as a kite and running all around (with NO shoes, NO jacket - hat was forced and she even tried to put it on the little tutu-ed munchkin behind her until I caught her and said SHE had to wear it, not that it had to be worn by whomever!). 

Now it's just as warm as can be - crazy no winter, balmy St. Patrick's day. More photos of that fun day coming - we had a nasty little leprechaun at our house!

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