Sunday, October 2, 2011


We haven't had this much rain since...yesterday. I feel moldy. We've had soccer cancelled over and over again. Fall is my favorite time of year, usually! This is getting very old.

Finally got the caterpillars from the Butterfly kit that Santa gave Tate last Christmas (!!) - they are firmly ensconced in their chrysallids currently, and we should see some moth action in the next couple of days. Amazing creatures that are able to transform from one shape to another like this. 

We were able to get some fun in at JoAnn Fabrics - Check out this scary mask! Freaky, right?

This was the sky at soccer one night. Gorgeous. We were waiting for the dark skies behind us to drop their rain again (are you sensing a theme of pessimism and lack of sunshine? I would never make it in Seattle!). 

Walk to 7-11 for slurpees - it's now gotten quite cool (put the heat on for the first time), so this may be one of our last walks for this season. Always a favorite. And look at those cutie patooties!

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