Thursday, October 13, 2011

Right now I am loving... oddly, quirkily funny she is
...listening to her play and what comes out of her mouth
...that she wants to take a bath multiple times a day to play with her toys in the tub (soon she will run out of water room! There are foam letters, plastic insects, polly pockets, tea set, etc, etc
...her love of school, and watching her make new friends
...her little face, glasses free for a short time more (although the pink/black frames with little mushrooms on the side are only going to make her more adorable!)
...going on nature walks to collect pretty leaves, acorns, and to check on our leprechaun tree she asks me to sit with her so we can "just talk," then she asks what I want to talk about
...that she sneaks food and thinks I don't know it
...that she changes clothes minimum 2 times a day, often into seasonally inappropriate attire (sundress in October? Sure! Why not!)
...her adoration of her big brother

...seeing an open book on, seriously, almost every flat surface in this house
...his excitement over his new glasses (oh that face!!) excited he was for the Jeopardy online test
...his love of school, his teachers, his friends
...watching him play Legos - the toy that has been with us for over 9 years
...listening to him talk with friends when they come over
...his brain. Goodness he has a brain on him!
...his humor - dry, wry, sometimes just plain 10 year old silly his first thing every morning is to hang out with me on his sofa and slowly wake up 
...his love and ability for soccer
...his adoration of his little sister

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