Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting ready

Weather could not be more beautiful right now. The last several days have had skies of all blue, crisp evenings and nights, and up to 75 during the day. FALL IS HERE!!! And no rain! Ahhh - perfect. 

Wood pile moved to the back, check. (It spent a good week and a half in our driveway under a tarp to keep it dry). Who says we don't provide our kids with good, clean fun? Well, maybe not clean...

Tate's soccer is back on after the rain, too - Smith was David's assistant, and he told David "now I understand why you like coaching kids so much." He loved helping his sister's team. It's all girls now, and they scrimmage with a ball always in play, but David is teaching them real soccer, and they are getting it! Look at that girl - she's getting so big!

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