Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is on my needles - a sweet, soft, blue and green baby hat for a friend who is having a baby boy. I'm making this hat.

We're back on with Lego Club Fridays - 4 of Smith's best buddies come over and they eat, play Legos, eat, run around outside, eat, and play Lego's. They are great kids. 

Tate and I are getting in the FALL Spirit - she collected beautiful red leaves from our outside tree (sadly, we have ONE tree in our yard. That must be corrected!) and decorated a pie plate with them. 

Smith played a game in Culpeper, VA, Sunday - long drive, but beautiful. We are becoming intimately involved with Route 15 - seems all our games are that way. Here he is, #5, doing his thing!

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