Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break, halfway point

So far, so good! We've had 80+ degrees down to 30 degrees, all in 2 days. Soccer was great, dog park is a great adventure for the pups, hiking was such fun. 

We are headed to Pittsburgh Thursday/Friday, so today is a clean-the-house-and-pack day. Work has been busy, and I have neglected the house in a big way. Time to fix that.

Dog days of Spring

Possibly my favorite picture of Domo. My goodness.

Blueberry muffins, aka soccer food

Tate's soccer game (they ROCKED it - what a fun game to watch, all the passing, and setups)

Dog park - Domo was in HEAVAN! Spud was better than he had been, he explored a bit away from us. Dogs had a blast.

Smith's game in WVA - HOT day, 82 degrees! We all got a little color.

Billy Goat Trail. Great but tough hike.

Heart rock (hi Papa!)

Great Falls, MD

Tate in a hole

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