Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catching up

St. Patrick's Day SNOW AGAIN:

Lucky the Leprechaun visited us and messed up our kitchen

Tate's cool Leprechaun trap, although it wasn't really a trap. She wanted him to stay and hang out.

Her note to Lucky

Tate made us all chocolate and marshmallow treats plus fresh squeezed orange juice with sugar and lemon juice. Wow were they tart!

More snow shots

Cuteness of the Dome

5k race that a good chunk of Smith's team participated in - in fact, one of our boys came in second place overall, and 1st in his age group! This is Smith with Uncle Brett

And crossing the finish line

Selling gold shoelaces for Team Mathias, a friend's son who has osteosarcoma. We are Lacing up our County - this is Jillian and me, "The Jill's - We're Easy to Know."

Some feet, laced up

Tate's party at the roller skating rink

Great group of kids

More soon with some more regularity! SPRING is here, and I'm sitting here on my sofa with the door wide open, the dogs lazing about in the sun on the porch, and I am happy. I've needed this!!

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