Wednesday, June 26, 2013

These last few days

Last week, only Smith was in camp, the great Summer in the Arts program nearby. He's doing woodworking, computer graphics, and more. He loves it.

Tate and I decided to take a walk near a nearby lake one morning after drop-off - it was a beautiful, cloudy and not-to-hot day. We went through the woods and just walked around. We decided we hit the creepy factor when we saw a grocery shopping cart stuck in the woods - turn around! We thought maybe we were on the trail of a hobo camp.

We found this beautiful turtle on the side of our trail while biking/walking. 

This was funny - now that I am working full time, we have a cleaning service (why do I always feel so guilty for hiring someone??). Tate loads up our shower with different toys; right now it's Barbies. LOTS of Barbies, taking showers, doing who knows what. When she leaves the bathroom, there is a mass and tangle of Barbies all on the shower floor, legs all akimbo, all over each other. Well, this particular day, we got home and she happened to look in the shower and saw this - they had nicely set them all down and seated them facing each other. 

On Tuesdays, David is home with the kid(s) so he and Tate went bowling!

Tara told me about this great class at Michael's - it's about an hour, and it's $2/child. Tate brought a good friend of hers, and they made a bunch of these crafts - two of the moose, 3 flowers. No origami - that's interesting, I just realized they didn't do any of those! We definitely plan on doing more of these Michael's classes this summer.

Summer of lawn-boy. He has one more to go to work of the Wii U. I love seeing him mow.

Also the summer of fitness - Smith is up to 3 miles 3 times a week. He's obviously done the 8k, so he can do 5 miles, but this is nice, steady running in the heat of the summer. I'm so proud of him - he does it with minimal complaints, and gets the job done. Tate runs a mile or 1.5 usually the same nights. This one was more fun for Smith as he had his good buddy with him.

Up next, Camping Trip!

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