Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Two years ago, we went camping with some really good friends of ours. We all like each other - the parents, the 5 kids, the kids/parents, etc. It's a great adventure at a campsite because the kids need minimal intervention, they can run, play, yell without parents involved.

We arrived about 5:30 on Friday, after a stop to KFC in the nearby town. It was a rocky start - I wanted 3 pieces of breast meat, 2 biscuits and a side of mashed potatoes. She would not let me get that - we had a long argument about 1 biscuit being included in the meal, and I could not order a 2nd biscuit as a side, so I had to order a side, and would I instead want a side of 2 biscuits, paid separately? AHHHHHHHH. Even Smith was annoyed by the end.

So we got to the campsites, which were each at the top of a hill with a small dip in between. Perfect for scootering. And scooter they did. The older boys had a tent to themselves, next to mine.

Friday we took them to the lake to see it. We told them they could get a little wet, but not to go in - they were in their clothes after all. By the end of our Friday visit, they each had a small tuft of hair on the top of their heads that had NOT gotten wet!

Saturday they started scootering at 7:20am, ate, scootered more. We got to the lake around 9:30 and stayed until lunch, then scootering, then lake, then scootering/dinner, then lake, then scootering, then ghost-in-the-graveyard until curfew, 10pm. What a great kid day. And, parent day, as we would talk, read, drink wine. And at this age, the kids need such little parent intervention - we could see and hear them, they were having so much fun. We even had a fun time watching them steal cookies from the back of the other car - they thought they were so sneaky, but we saw the whole thing.

beautiful hawk on a signpost - we got maybe 7' from it!

taken from our campsite - the blue tent in the distance is our friend's campsite


  1. This looks like so much fun!

    I once met The Colonel:

  2. Also, that hawk is awesome.