Friday, June 7, 2013

Smith is 12!!!

Twelve Years Old. Amazing. What a young man this is - kind, smart, thoughtful, FUN, FUNNY, silly, adventurous. I am so proud to be his mom.

We had a birthday fun-filled weekend; Smith and my brother ran an 8k together in Williamsburg - it was Uncle's gift to Smith, and the bonus of it was free passes to Busch Gardens. Smith rode down to Williamsburg after getting out early on Friday, and he and his uncle and granddad headed down together. Tate and I got there later, picked him up, got to our place and crashed - a nice timeshare deal we found on Orbitz!

Birthday present opening - 12!!!!! 

We met Brett the next morning about 7am to drop Smith off for the race and find some parking. David was en route - his soccer meeting the night before went too long to head down and meet us. After parking, Tate and I walked through campus to the fife and drum band and found the men to cheer them on!!

Brett sent me this cool link, Glympse, which would show us exactly where they were in the race. We got to the stadium to cheer on their finish, but sadly, AT&T had a slow connection in Williamsburg, and we missed their finish! David heard their names as they came into the finish line, but we got some good time with them after their race.

Tate went on at 10am for a one mile "fun run" (not two words that should be next to each other in my book...) and kicked some kid butt. Don't know how we ended up with runner kids, but it's great!

Then...BUSCH GARDENS! Got this picture of David and Smith, front row on the Griffen - David is 3rd from the left, with Smith next to him. Scary looking ride.

 Beautiful Clydesdale

 Drop tower - kids and David did it. No way for me...

Sugar pack building the next morning, just Tate and me, on our way out of town. Love diners like this. 

 Tate drawing in the car

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