Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daisies to Brownies!!!!!

It's official - Tate is a BROWNIE!!! We had a great ceremony this past weekend, where the girls literally went over a bridge to become Brownies. The theme was rainbows, and our Leader Tara outdid herself - she had the girls make these cute rainbow hanging things with 6 things they've loved about being Daisies (camping topped out as the #1 favorite for all the girls), rainbow balloons, rainbow backdrop for pictures, and rainbow goodies in their goody bag. She said it looked a little like a gay pride parade, which, yeah, but look how PC we girl scouts are!!

The girls have done amazing things this year - as Tara mentioned in her speech, the amount of service starting at 5 years of age is just outstanding. They have helped a family at Christmas, donated cookies to a troop in Afghanistan, donated money to an animal shelter and a women's shelter, and just recently sent cards to sister girl scouts in Oklahoma with friendship bracelets, to show them we are thinking of them. Here is Tate's card - love her drawing of a tornado.

And the girls on their big day:

 Typical Tate, embarrassed so she pulls away from me when I'm trying to give her a big kiss. Captured on film, no less! I look like a creepy lady trying to kiss some young kid...

One of the girls insisted that all three of us leaders cross as well, so that we can lead them as Brownies. 

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