Monday, March 11, 2013

Magical Wonder

While my favorite yarn thing to do is knitting, there is quick pleasure in crocheting. I find it is much quicker, and more varied - you can do a lot more with it in terms of detail work. I made my hat not long ago, and if I sat down and did it all at once, it probably would have taken about 6 hours. I've also done some fun work, like this octopus for Smith

and this jellyfish for my dad (their beach house!)

So Tate's birthday was on the horizon, and right now, there is nothing she likes more than horses. I ravelry-ed and etsy-ed amigurumi horses and found just about the cutest horse ever, Alfalfa, by Little Abbee. I couldn't stand it, I figured if I can do an octopus and a jellyfish, this isn't rocket science, I could figure this out, too. And I had about 3 weeks to do it.

Here are some horse parts:

And here, in all his glory, is Magical Wonder, so named by the birthday girl herself. I never know with the kids what they will or will not "get." I make things (hats, scarves, octopi) that I like to make, and if they get excited, that thrills me. If they don't, I (hopefully) don't show it, because they didn't ask for whatever I made. Well, Tate keeps saying she can't believe I made this, and she just loves it. 

Hopefully this took the sting out of not getting a real horse...which was her true birthday wish!

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  1. MAGICAL WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that says it all about how she feels about this gift, Jill. It - I mean HE (she?) - turned out GREAT! Wow!