Sunday, April 7, 2013

March in Pictures!

March is always a busy month for us - lots of family birthdays. This year, David was going to a coaching seminar on Tate's actual day, so we had family day the day before, and then celebrated with my mom, who's birthday it is, too (they share a March birthday! So special!).

Family day was special in another way, too, as one of Tate's best buddies has a birthday the day BEFORE her. So roller skating at another friend's party, then went to see the final game of Smith's indoor season where they WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP - we saw the game winning ending which was a nail biter for sure. Next up was Rebounderz, the indoor trampoline place - super fun (and expensive) and how can you say no to the indoor hurricane machine on a girl's birthday?? We had a simple dinner at home, David went off to do more soccer learning, then, sleep.

Birthday morning, we met my parents for some bagels, then headed off to Cunningham Falls for their Maple Syrup Festival. Mmm - pancakes and sausage and Maryland maple syrup. It was a beautiful day!

So, 7 years ago, on my mom's and Tate's birthday:

And today:

Pretty cute, right? And Smith, still in orange!

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