Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Went to visit my favorite niece last weekend - in Pittsburgh! She had a dance performance at her college, and we hadn't been to visit yet. We saw her dorm room, where she eats, where she dances, etc. It was great fun. It was also really fun to walk around Pittsburgh - I think I must have gone there as a child, but have no memory of it. The kids and I had a blast - the hotel room was gorgeous, big breakfast (bagels! donuts! COFFEE!), seeing my niece, killing time by going around the town, then the amazing dance performance! We went up the incline, walked over a bridge or two, saw a cool art exhibit, had lunch at Chipotle. Her dance was just amazing - there were five performances, all told a story, each being about 20ish minutes. Hers was en pointe (is that correct?) - she is just such a beautiful dancer, makes it look so easy and fun. Like she is having so much fun. I think I've gushed about her before...ditto on her amazingness.

Some pictures of our whirlwind trip - started at 7pm Friday night and got home at 8pm Saturday night! 

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