Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's? CHECK!

Over the years, we've made and purchased Valentine cards. Smith went through a particularly lengthy dinosaur and Thomas the Tank period, so those were of course, purchased. Tate, princesses. This year, Smith is too old to do Valentines - when do they stop that? 3rd? 4th? But Tate is at that sweet spot - not only wanting to make them, but actually being HELPFUL while doing so! She wanted to make monsters, similar to a Daisy swap she made over the summer. I think they turned out cute!

As for my own Valentine's, I made myself a hat! I have a favorite crocheted hat I bought up in NYC a couple years ago, and I knew then that I could make something similar, but hadn't gotten around to it. So now I did! I made it in oatmeal with a heathered purple sock-weight yarn as the edging and "rose". I may add a couple green leaves - not sure about that yet. Tate wants one now, too, a blue hat with yellow flower. I modified this pattern - I ended up using a smaller weight yarn, and in wool instead of cotton, so I had to add some hdc's along the way.

And finally, a sweet little heart bookmark!

In other news, the kids had a 2 hour delay today (seems we're destined to have delays instead of the GOOD stuff), but Rhode Island is supposed to be covered in the white stuff. Grammy is looking to get about 2 FEET of snow! Crazy!! I hope they all get to keep power - that would be decidedly not fun, to lose power in the winter. 

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