Sunday, February 24, 2013

This last little bit

I've been making. I'm still on this one looooong scarf that is taking me forever, because it's boring to make, and I'm only on step one of it. It'll be very pretty - it's alpaca from New Zealand when my mom went over there. It's looking like it will be a scarf for next fall, though, at the rate I'm going. Besides that, I'm making the CUTEST thing for Tate - I don't want to put it up now just in case she sees this page. It's for her birthday, so it will be revealed soon. Adorableness.

For instant gratification, I made another coaster for my desk. The first one I made is getting rather gross with coffee stains. So there is this one! It's actually a smaller version of a granny square but so springy and pretty! Funny how something so small can make me smile.

Smith's school had a fundraiser recently, going out to dinner and then ice skating. The three of us went - it was fun, but I realized after 30 minutes I was unnecessary on the rink (Smith is a good skater and Tate only needs about 15 minutes to warm up), and if I stayed out there, I ran the very real risk of getting skated on/over by one of the 2,368 middle schoolers on the rink. Man was it crowded, and nobody was paying attention to themselves, middle school-style. Smith and Tate had a ball. Gotta love the Principal, too, who was out there the whole time! He's a great man, really involved. 

Headed up to Rhode Island last week - my MIL had some major foot surgery. It's funny, though - it really was a major surgery, but it was outpatient! Crazy. This was my seat on the train - it was really nice to take a quiet train ride up the coast. Pretty views, quiet little nook.

And the beautiful Rhode Island - I went out shopping for about an hour one day, the town has some great little shops. And the water is so beautiful. What a beautiful place.

Lastly, TOMORROW is my beautiful niece's birthday, so I packed up a box of girl scout cookies, Starbucks gift card, silly things like chapstick and Muppets bandaids, face mask, etc, AND, I blew up 19 balloons (what she is turning!) and put money in each balloon! It turned out really cute, and she loved opening it up and it looking all festive. I found the idea on Pinterest - I actually DID something I pinned! haha.

That's the latest - today is a soccer day, and I am looking forward to hanging with the family and Spud to assimilate back into Virginia life!

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