Friday, February 1, 2013

Graham cracker & Nutella Love

This cold, cold weather makes me want to BAKE and CRAFT! I had to pop into work today (normally a work-from-home day) but all the way home, I was dreaming of this wonderful homemade nutella type recipe. I read something about how Nutella's first (and most) ingredient is sugar - this one makes it with hazelnuts, honey, and cocoa. That's it. I added a bit more honey and vanilla extract, too, to make it a little smoother. Yum.

And what is good as the nutella delivery system? Graham crackers! I've wanted to try making my own for some time. See, I'm sorta getting into an organic/whole foods thing right now...not that refined flour is exactly a whole foods, but I know exactly what is in these. Besides, the house smells DELICIOUS.

Next up, VALENTINE'S!!!

1 comment:

  1. If only you still had marshmallows, you'd have completely home made s'mores!