Friday, February 3, 2012

On the wagon

Sometimes life throws you some serious curve balls, makes you re-evaluate what is important, who you are, who everyone is around you. The best advice I've seen lately is to just...breathe. Stop, take a moment, and breathe. 

It's also about making choices. I heard a great quote from Albus Dumbledore the other day when Smith and I were watching Harry Potter 3. He said, "It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices." I agree. Every day, every hour, we face choices big and small, and it is the direction we go that show our character, our personality. Make Good Choices. That's it, simple, sweet, beautiful. Smith and Tate both came home yesterday grumpy and tired, and I told them both that sometimes when you feel like that, you have to choose happiness, even if you aren't feeling it; a glass half-full approach to life.

Everybody has trouble, private issues, things they don't like to think about. But when you really stop and think about the lovely little things in your life, the hug from your child as they pass by you, the adoring look from your dog, the fact that you can borrow books from the library and put food on your table, these are good things. These help to make those good choices easier, from getting up and taking the kids and dogs for a walk all the way to realizing that the life you have is good, most all of the time. 

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