Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love...

...the way she plays with anything, anywhere (like in the store today, with pot scrubbers and coffee mugs!) see her run across a field with 5 year old abandon, hair behind her, full sprint hear her "make believe" she pretends things are a commercial, while she's in the shower she tries to sell a scrub brush she knows where everything in the kitchen is, unlike her 10 year old brother she cooks with me, sits with me, holds my hand, LOVES me hear her laugh

...her intensity - she is all emotion see her love for her brother

...his intensity, seriousness, effort for everything he cares about he retains everything - he reads it once. I envy that. he still holds my hand (he grabs mine! and holds on tight!)

...his passion for soccer, reading, Wii - his passion in general see him smile - oh! Those eyes!

...discussing things with him. And I do mean with him - he asks fantastic questions, listens, understands see him with his dad, playing soccer, talking politics, wrestling feel and see the love for his sister. They are lucky, truly lucky, to have each other!

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  1. ah, that is really sweet. I need to stop and make lists like that for my kids more often!