Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Looked over my Summer Fun List, and then promptly freaked out because next week is HALFWAY PEOPLE! I love love love summer break and use my kids as an excuse to do everything!!

I do these monster lists every year, want the kids to do a journal, think we'll have a "theme week" complemented by a field trip to the appropriate theme (aka dinosaur week with a trip to the National History Museum in DC, etc). We do plenty PLENTY of fun stuff over the summer, but these epic plans always make me feel under-accomplished by the end of summer. So I decided to do a poster this year, with the hopes of a bit more accountability, and a bit more free-form-edness, and a lot more help from the kids. 

Checking off:
Hilton Head, Making Kool Aid Play Doh, Zoo, Rock Candy, making homemade ice cream.

So maybe a journal doesn't happen this year, and maybe, after 3 years of wishing (but not preparing) for theme weeks, I realize it just isn't happening. But maybe instead of all that, I just enjoy, live, relish the time with them, each and every day (notice I didn't say every moment!). I am working on laughing more, listening more, living more in the moment. It's a work in progress...

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