Monday, September 15, 2014

Off my hooks and on my needles

I'm so excited, it looks like I am going to teach a crochet class at Finch, this awesome store near us! They do sewing and knitting and have yarn and fabrics. I am so thrilled.

I made this hat for the class, but it seems they have a lot of people wanting to make hats for their men, so I got some beautiful charcoal gray yarn from Finch to make a "store model". I'm just about done it, but no photos of it yet. Meanwhile, I am keeping this baby for me. Love it.

This beauty is going well. I am so happy with my yarn choice. It's that short sleeve sweater, which was DEFINITELY going to be done by fall so I could wear it, but whatever. Life gets busy. It's a fun project and will look cute in February, too :-)

Now I am on to thinking about what I'm going to make for the holidays! Tara and I have a great plan down, meeting once a week for about an hour to stay "on task" for gifts, knitting/crocheting/having coffee/feeling our pain after a barre class. Good times!

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