Sunday, November 10, 2013

On and off my needles

'Tis the season! I'm trying to crank out some quick knits/crochets, and think about what else I need to make. I already have one Christmas present done (for a teacher), and am about to start another for my niece. Plus a few other little things...

I am also making Toasty - hand warmers. Forgot to get a picture, but it's literally a 2" tube right now, nothing exciting. Love the yarn though, it is some I got at Rhinebeck. So soft, blues and greens and flecks of creams and golds.

Oh, these! A house full of turkey heads!

This will soon be a headband.

A cowl.

Coffee sweaters (my own design). These are so gratifying - quickly done!

The whole lot

 I have a few other things brewing in my head. Tara and I are dedicated to getting together once a week to knock some of these things out for the holidays - just an hour or two, dedicated time to get personal projects worked on. We may have to make one of our afternoons a Marshmallow afternoon in December!

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