Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween this year. First up was some fun at Brownies, where the girls celebrated Juliet Lowe's birthday. They made some fun masks. Tate wanted to be a bat for Halloween, so I added some wings to a black shirt, and some ears to a black hat. We had some wardrobe malfunctions, but overall it was a hit with her. Sometimes we purchase for her costume, sometimes they are somewhat homemade - easy homemade works for me! Smith is nearing the age of he-is-too-old-for-this, but he and 3 friends ended up going around together in ours and another neighborhood. Think we'll do a small party for him and some friends next year.

We ended up at a friend's house for the parade - they are right on the parade route. Lots of candy was consumed, then home for trick-or-treats. Good times. 

David and I left that night for a hotel near the airport so we could leave well before the crack of dawn for Pensacola Beach. We had our annual executive retreat for one of our societies - pretty weather, great company! 

Bat girl and man in black

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