Sunday, November 17, 2013


My grandmom. She just turned 95. Ninety-five! She was born in 1918 - imagine all the things one sees in 95 years on this planet. She's seen more than her share of heartache, losing two sisters at a young age. She moved halfway through her high school senior year to a new town, a small town where everyone had grown up together. She lived in a parsonage with her dad, the Methodist Minister, and her mom and sisters, in the Depression, giving food to strangers at their back door. She married the love of her life, only when he had enough money in the bank to start them off on the right foot. He was part of the Manhattan project, unbeknownst to him, so unable to physically fight for his country during World War II, which caused him great angst, but her, I'm sure, happiness to have him here. She had two beautiful children, a full life of friends and family, a lake house. More heartache followed - losing her son at age 19, her mom and her husband all within three years. She moved close to us, which was great - Brett and I would spend the night at her house and at my other grandmom's house - we were lucky to know, really know, our grandmoms. 

She's made a big life for herself near us - lives alone, is a Life Master at bridge and plays 4 days a week at the Senior Center (where she still drives herself). She did years of Senior university studies. She goes once or more a month to a horse racing place "for the lunch." She surfs the web, she's on Facebook. She has crafted her way through her life and given me, I know, my love and skill of crafts. She's well versed at it all - needlepoint, sewing, cross stitch (amazing cross stitch!), paint, everything! 

She is, by far, the youngest 95 year old I've ever met. She's younger than a lot of people I know that are far younger than her. She's timeless. She is LIVING life, and is still going strong.

I love my Grandmom. What fun, celebrating 95!!

Tate loves her GG, but also wanted to position herself as close to the cupcakes as she could.

All here except for my beautiful niece, who showed up on Facetime on the iPad. My grandmom said, "what a beautiful picture of Cassidy!" and then my niece started talking...very funny!

it's the BIG ONE!

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