Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catching Up - Appalachian Trail

Late July - The kids and Spud and I went to Bear's Den, a local-ish hiking spot on the Appalachian Trail. It's so beautiful there! We had a few odd things happen. 

One, Spud was snorting through some grass/weeds at the side of the trail and jumped back quickly. Something got his ear - we never felt a bite or sting, but his ear by the end of the hiking trip was easily 10 times thicker than it was when we started! Poor guy kept shaking his head to make it stop. 

Two, there was a large camp group at the rocks, so we found a more secluded area to sit and relax. However, as soon as we got to our little spot, there were two women on the rock in front of us who had just opened their urn of ashes, which caught the wind and was heading in our direction, one rock back...we quickly moved aside while I whisper-screamed, "don't breathe in!!" It did end up in a nice conversation with the kids about who, exactly, was in that urn and why were they released here - was it the person/animal's favorite spot, or the people releasing the ashes? Where would they want ashes left? It wasn't scary or morbid, just a nice conversation.

Three, as we were leaving, we noticed piles of trash that the campers left. These were church organizations! They just up and left, leaving fruit snack packs, ziplock baggies, drinks, etc - as if they had just raptured or something. But they hadn't, as we caught up with them a bit later, and told the councilors about the trash EVERYWHERE. Guess what they did? A whole lot of NOTHING. Said oh no, then got on their buses and left. Good example.

I guess I was angrier about that than I thought...


Walking like an Egyptian

Beagle with a fat ear

Heart rock (always think of Papa when we see these!!)

Olan Mills fake tree shot

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