Thursday, August 15, 2013

And another Fair

David took the day off and the 4 of us went to another nearby county fair - but this one is a BIG one. It's the one where I grew up, although in the 80s it had a very scary component to it. There were roving hoodlums and ne'er do wells - if you were there at night, and a teenage boy, chances are you would be mugged, or at least an attempt made. Somehow they cleaned up their act, the fair that is, and it's now a very family friendly environment. I went with Smith a few times when he was little, but it's been 8+ years! (Remember this, Eliza?)

So this is 2013...

Jenga-style safety, yikes!

They rode this, I think, 7,264 times. Thank god for the wristbands.

Pumpin out some hot tunes for your listening pleasure!

Duck races. Also had potbelly pigs, "regular" pigs, goats. Adorableness.

Sheep make me think of knitting. This one had such a beautiful color - very caramel. Gorgeous, and very friendly for a sheep!

I swear this mini pony looked like a stuffed animal that could walk!

A great day! David coming was a last minute addition, and I told the kids the only down side of him coming with us was that it meant less JUNK that we would eat. He's more strict about that stuff than me...hey if it's a special event, I'm in! So we had to forego the fried oreos, but definitely got our fill of petting goats and sheep and pigs and cows and bunnies and birds!

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