Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We went to the indoor pool last night with the kids - we've had a wet few days, and soccer was cancelled (Sunday's game and Monday's practice). So, to the pool! They have a big pool that was filled with kids taking lessons, and then the "warm pool" which is actually a therapy pool with a beach entry. It's David and my favorite as it's quite a bit warmer than the "cold pool," but the kids are 50/50. If the diving board/pool slide is open, they are all about that.

So warm pool it was last night, and we took up a little corner of it playing our usual games. Tate became a velcro person - she would come up and suction on to you as her mode of destruction. David made her into a "tatepedo" and would have her lie stiffly, then he'd shoot her across the pool and bonk into Smith or me.  We knew things were getting a little out of control when we finally had to tell her to stop yelling, "USE ME AS A WEAPON! USE ME AS A WEAPON!" People were starting to stare!

While I was enjoying the warmth of spring, we've had a fire in the fireplace the last two nights which has been nice closure to our winter. Love the smell and warmth of a fire. So cozy.

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