Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bunnies and Altoids

Well, the Easter bunny came to our house! Tate asked if he was like Santa, did you have to be good all year, and I said I didn't know as the bunny couldn't talk, but that maybe she should ask Santa next December. The bunny goes light on us, but heavier on small toys than on candy as my family gives baskets of chocolate goodies for Easter dinner. Tate got a bucket of small horses, then proceeded to name them all and write their names out. Love this. Oh, and the TAPE! There must always be TAPE! In fact, a day earlier, I was dropping them to see my parents, and she had tape in the car. Bad. Idea. She found a tiny hole in the knee of her leggings and seriously used 1/4 roll of tape to cover it! Hysterical.

Altoid Bunnies - I saw something similar on Pinterest not long ago, and knew I could make something similar. I made Tate a little bunny and hedgehog (you have to use your imagination on that one!) in a little Altoids bed. Made the carrots, too - those were fun and quick with orange felt and cool green yarn.

We went to Bear's Den on Easter Sunday, good hike up on our neck of the Appalachian Trail. It's always a fun hike, and this was the first time where we didn't bring a snack, nor did the kids ask for food! Seems a silly milestone, but as the one-that-carries-the-backpack, it was nice. I grow very weary of feeling like we need to snack-up these kids every 45 minutes worth of activity.

Keep on Truckin' 4/2012

Keep on Truckin' 6/2010
All this is besides the point - it was a gorgeous day, a fun hike, and we went to my parent's house afterwards for some good food and company (and no pictures!).

Meanwhile, Spring has Sprung around here - our garden is mostly planted. David feels brave and went ahead and eschewed the "plant after Mother's Day" rule - he planted all of his pepper plants! I planted seeds: carrots, green onions, bibb lettuce, spinach, sugar sweet pumpkins, snap peas; plants: parsley, basil, cucumber. If all goes weather -well, I will plant the tomatoes next weekend, along with some more parsley. I had a huge bounty of parsley last year, and used it all this winter! So homestead-y of us!

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  1. Our girls are both tape-obsessed! Love the Altoid bunnies...