Thursday, May 26, 2011


*Hearing my girl run up the stairs for one more armload of stuffed animals for her tent

*Going to a baby reveal party - such a sweet time! It's a...BOY!

*Seeing shoots come out of the ground in our garden (and the thriving tomato plants)

*Visiting an alpaca farm where we missed the birth of a baby alpaca by 3 minutes! Such sweet animals - I was obligated to buy a skein of the mama alpaca's spun yarn, so soft. The two white alpacas moved in unison - they were hilarious.

*The love of Smith for his sister during a blackout, hugging her so she wouldn't be so scared

*The look and smell of our freshly mowed lawn


*The box greeting me when I arrive home

* style just the 4 of us on a field, practice, games

***Life is good.***

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  1. A couple of the pics didn't upload. The ones that did are awesome!