Sunday, May 22, 2011

He shoots, he SCORES!

But I didn't get it on my camera. I got an after-shot, but even that was after the fist-pumping! He's a lefty, and he got the goal in from the left side, with his left foot. UVA Soccer Scholarship, here we come!

It was a hot day, and the little ones were playing in the water fountain to cool off.

Tate read her first full sentence, with very little help: "The Cat is Hot". She is eager to learn to read but we are taking it slow - no pressure, it'll come to her just like it did to Smith. He started reading the first week of Kindergarten - everything just came together. Hot day - Slurpee weather. I think we've had...umm...4 or 5 already this season?? Good times.

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