Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy Life

It's been busy around here! Work, starting our community garden (David did all the hard work so far...I just drew what we wanted where), volunteering. Life! 

I just did these burp cloths for a favorite teacher who is expecting her first any day now. These are two of my favorite fabrics - especially the blue clown one. This was my last bigger piece of it! She's having a boy - I thought robots and clowns would be very appropriate. I made and used a ton of these for my two when they were babies, and Tate still uses them for blankets, waitressing, and burp cloths for her babies.

Tate has now figured out how to start herself on her bike (she's had the training wheels off for a while, but would need us to get her balanced and started). Such a sweet girl, too - she has made me at least 3 things for Mother's Day already, and has been so concerned about Smith making me a card, that she just made one for him to give me - "I even signed his name. All he has to do is add six hearts." She also wants to make me breakfast in bed!
Tate words:

Smith participated in his school's Wax Museum for 4th graders - each student was a famous Virginian. Smith was George Mason. The tour guides (group 2 of the students were tour guides for group 1, etc) would shine their flashlight on the name placard, and the Virginian would give their speech. It was a fantastic event!

 Isn't he adorable? 

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