Thursday, January 15, 2015


Snowy days, warm(ish) house. We've been sledding and keeping warm. So far, the kids have had 3 snow days, and 2 with 2 hour delays. I think I have that right. So 3 days so far that were full and on time. Smith went to school yesterday for 5 minutes before I got him for his orthodontist (!!!) appointment. It was nice to have the house to myself for 30 minutes.

He's getting braces at some point this year, likely April or May. Feels like a big step - another step toward "finishing" him. It feels good. Tate surprised me last night with a long note. I got up to our room to go to bed, and there was a long note about a couple things that are upsetting to her, and I was so thankful that she had written it. I wrote her a long note back, so pleased that she was sharing what was going on in her head and her world.

I've started in on a couple new knitting and crochet projects. I'm now down to my waist on my sweater - if I buckled down and finished it, it would not take me too much longer. I get distracted too easily! But I did sign up for doing another crochet class, this time, boot cuffs! I got a skein of yarn last night at the Finch and started working on them so I can see how much time they take. I also have two projects in the works for my mom and for Cassidy - February and March birthdays!

Tate just started her Christmas present from Grammy - a sewing class at the Finch, creating and sewing a pouf!! She took the first class last night and LOOOOOOOVED it! I think we have a budding sewer. Sew-er, not sewer. Ew. She picked very Tate-like colors. She's doing the class with 3 other girls from her soccer team, and there was definitely a spirit of competition going on in there.

Time to wake up the house - it's a full day of school today!

tate preparing for a friend

like a squishy teddy bear!

cream soda float at Shoes

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