Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 - a New Year!

I keep hearing/reading about people making New Year Intentions instead of Resolutions, and i like it. Resolutions seem bigger, although I don't really follow them anyhow.

I think, maybe with age or cutting myself more slack, that I've gained more perspective into myself. I am a good mom and wife - I know this. I am a good employee, too. I am an okay house-tender, which will simply have to do as I do not want to give more effort into cleaning. David asked me the other day why I hadn't pushed the kids to help me clean the house more instead of ice skating, and I had to answer - I will ALWAYS choose ice skating with the kids over cleaning. Always. I will remember that over having a clean house.

So. My intentions. My intentions are to honestly stay the course I am on.
* live intentionally
* experience laughter and joy every day, hopefully far outweighing sadness and stress
* enjoy my peeps every day
* listen better (I could use some work on that end!)
* cut myself slack when things are tough and balance is elusive

I am cutting myself slack on my blog, as I haven't posted since September and am not going to do a giant recap!

Happy 2015 - to living!!