Friday, March 7, 2014

I didn't even blog about the last storm...

We have used 13 of the 15 snow days in our County. I am tired of snow. I am tired of boots, winter jackets, scarves, car heaters, hot chocolate, frozen dog poop (although much easier to collect), and even fires in the fireplace. I want spring.
Another round of cinnamon toast and hot chocolate!

Storm #8,657

Tate and a friend on a snowy day, snuggled in blankets with MORE hot chocolate

Once school started again, the elementary school had a "dress as your favorite book character" day. Tate wanted to be Ruby from "Ruby's Wish," but we couldn't procure a red Chinese dress/outfit in time. So her cousin had this from when she was littler, and Tate went as Felicity from the American Girl series!

That very same day was the birthday lunch celebration for my mom, sister-in-law, niece, daughter and myself! All 5 of us have Feb/March birthdays, so my grandmom took us out to eat at a great nearby restaurant. Tate was pulled out of school early on the first day back (and with a 2 hour delay!). Lunch was fun and YUMMY. I had grilled brie cheese sandwich and butternut squash bisque - seriously the best butternut squash soup I have EVER had. 

Some presents were passed around. I made this mermaid for my mom. We decided to do the same as last year, go on a trip together, to be planned. But I saw this pattern and thought how cute it would be at their house in Hilton Head, so I made it! They can keep it next to the jellyfish.

Things around here have been good. Domo is getting BIG - he started at 14 pounds when we got him, and is now 28! Tate is just blown away by the cuteness.

She just cannot handle it.

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