Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where the heck did October go?

Well that month just flew by! We had a happy Halloween, Hurricane Sandy and all. That was a blustery and rainy few days, but no damage, no power loss. Unlike those along the coast and up in NY and NJ - really sorry for those dealing with extensive damage. Our town parade ended up getting cancelled, although but WAIT! The Kiwanis car was escorted through the parade route by four other police vehicles, with the Mayor in the passenger seat of the Kiwanis vehicle, keeping our 56 year tradition alive. I love this town.

David with his leafblower, getting the leaves out of the gutter. Idea Backfired! Dirty gutter water all over him.

Garage fun while Dad gets gross gutter water all over himself. They were like Kit Kitteredge from American Girl.

Smith was Where's Waldo this year, and Tate an elephant/mouse. She figured out that she could be a mouse for half the houses and an elephant for the other half, and hit every house twice. Great thinking, but we have over 200 houses in our neighborhood, and we got enough loot going through just once. 

Here's Waldo and a Mouse


Smith did a great 2 miler earlier, before Halloween, for his school. 6th graders do 2 miles, 7th graders 3, and 8th graders 5 miles. They have to pre-qualify, and the rest of their grade is there to root them on. Go Smith!

I'm looking very forward to a few "just Jill" things with friends (so I guess it isn't "just Jill", but "fun for Jill"). I'm in the midst of making a black and neon yellow/green hat for Smith - David didn't like his color choice, but he's not wearing it now is he? Then my beautiful niece selected an infinity scarf I need to get cracking on for Christmas. CHRISTMAS! Ack. 

And since it's officially November, and I should have a THANKFUL blogging month as my friend Tara is having, I give thanks for seeing my daughter play a rousing game of soccer today, with my dear son and husband coaching. 

Kids and me in my cool Parisian hat from my parents.


I will also give great thanks for my first eggnog latte today...first of the season, not first ever. I mean, come on!

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  1. That is a fabulous hat. And WHERE did you get EGGNOG LATTE???!!!