Thursday, August 25, 2011


We are getting ready to start school! Soccer! Gymnastics! Piano (a resurgence)! 

Today was Tate's Kindergarten Orientation, which she LOVED. I got a tear or two in my eyes as they discussed our children coming in and being just fine, and getting bigger. My baby! She seems so little, but she is so ready to go on the bus, take her backpack, join her brother.

And her I'll have one starting and one ending elementary school! Where have the years gone. I remember when Tate was a baby and Smith was catching the bus for kindergarten - how I would run out to meet his bus while she was napping, and as the year wore on, and she wasn't napping, Smith and I would be greeted at the front door by a little Tate face and hands banging on the screen.

Heartbreak hotel, this is us meeting him after his first day of school. Oh the love those two share.

And then this is today (albeit a TERRIBLE picture of her) at her orientation, looking all grown up.

Okay, I must stop looking through all these pictures. Here are two cute ones from today. We joined a dear friend of mine and went ice skating! In August! We had to dig out those jeans, jackets and gloves - kind of a good thing to be prepared for, as it will be getting chillier here before too long.

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