Friday, August 19, 2011


There was a motorcycle "parade" of sorts through Leesburg today. Approximately 1,700 motorcycles came from the site in Pennsylvania, through our town, and toward the Pentagon to show support of our Country in this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. They are making their way up to New York by Saturday? Sunday? Not exactly sure, but wow was it a site to behold!

It is hard to believe it's been 10 years. Smith was only 3 months old when the attack happened. We lived along the C&O Canal at the time, just minutes away from Washington, DC. In fact, David was home with Smith and I was driving toward the Pentagon for a meeting, just before the plane struck it. I didn't see anything.

We were directly under the flight path for Washington Reagan/National Airport, and the 5 days of air silence following the attacks was memorable. The three of us went to a local deli and just sat in stunned silence. We watched the tv over and over, and I cried and cried. 

We did not know anyone personally that was killed in the attacks, but it felt so personal nonetheless. David had been to a hotel directly across from the World Trade Center just a few months before. When we drove to Arlington or Alexandria, we went right next to the Pentagon. This was our world that they shook - our America.

I am sure I will be a big puddle of emotion come 9/11/2011, along with hundreds of thousands of others. While I do not believe in all the choices made in response to these attacks, I do feel that it has made our country stronger, with a bigger belief in ourselves and our National Pride. 

This was a very moving tribute to those who fell that day. I am glad I bore witness.

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