Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break

It's been a great week - playground and library (rode our bikes there!) with friends the first day, hanging out with David at the office (hanging art!), eating at Chipotle, soccer practice on Tuesday. Wednesday was paddle-boating at the Tidal Basin, 

having lunch with good friends, and walking along the C&O Canal. Walking along the canal always makes me feel sentimental. Smith remembers so much of it, and Tate's memories are of our hikes nowadays. We saw lots of turtles, goslings (or geeslings as Tate called them), and the high water. Smith's memory astounds me - he remembers where and when I talked to him about erosion, and even what he was wearing. Tate's legs were covered in mud by the time we got back to the car, and it was definitely Slurpee time as it was almost 82 degrees outside!

Tate has been in rare form all week - spinning like a top, funny, fun, crazy. We all just laugh along. Smith was very specific about the rules for the paddle boats, in his usual rule-abinding-ness way. The kids have played a LOT of "Barbie Bionicle Lego Polly Pockets" and we've just had a nice, alternately relaxing and adventure-filled week - dog walks, soccer practice, sitting in front of the tv/Club Penguin computer. Today we'll see the movie "Rio", and Smith is going to a DC United game with a friend. I think I'll surprise Tate with a trip to the Ida Lee pool.

The kids and David planted two trees (temporarily in buckets - David said they should be planted like this for a year or two to get their roots going)

We had a large sheet of paper leftover from a cool canvas piece of art in David's office, so I had the kids lay out in "crime scene" position, then decorate their forms. Drupa Crime Scene!

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