Sunday, April 17, 2011

An empty basket

I just finished a wrap - I started it this summer, on vacation in Yellowstone. July. I picked it up in fits and starts, and truly left it behind for a long time while I finished Tate's needlepoint stocking (Smith had his by his 2nd Christmas - it took me until her 5th to get hers done!).

So the wrap. It's beautiful, long, and best yet, I still love the color. I sometimes am so sick of something after having worked on it for so long (see stocking, above!) that I can't bear to wear it or use it. I've read others talking about handmade things, specifically knits, having a soul. I feel like that - this wrap accompanied me to Salt Lake City, Yellowstone (on many of the car trips around the park and in the backyard - see the bag at the end of the table, next to David?), soccer games, Williamsburg, New York City, our local library, my sofa while watching Weeds. In short, this wrap has SOUL. It is knit with life experiences, with our life experiences.

So one basket is empty of its project. There are more projects brewing, and I'd like to get Tate started on finger knitting - supposed to be the best way to start. And now I have just the basket to put it in!

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