Sunday, July 28, 2013


We went to a farm stand the other day and got pickling cucumbers and made pickles with our garden grown dill. Apparently they aren't "dilly" enough, so I'm tinkering. We'll see. I tried a different recipe than the last time I made pickles - a few years ago. The last time, they were too salty.

I made this cute bag for Tate a few weeks ago, for her to take books with her to Hilton Head. It was a super simple crochet, sewn together on one side, and she decided she wanted an orange and lemon slice for the front. I was angling for a cute animal, but she insisted. I also made the hat, below, but that was for me - however, I hate figuring out if my gauge is correct while knitting, and this hat, consequently, is snug on me. But cute on Tate! 

While getting the pickling cukes, the owner of the farmer's stand started a conversation with Tate, and asked if she'd like to come into the field and pick some okra. We've never eaten okra before. The owner was so nice - sure makes me want to go back again and again!

We're heading to a bluegrass concert in town tonight - after eating peppers from the farm market with cheddar cheese and chorizo inside. I also made this amazing guacamole with goat cheese and corn. Great food this time of year!

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