Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer days

From the garden - sugar pumpkins (minis!) and tomatoes turned into this: 

pumpkin puree (10 cups! Yum!!), tomato sauce (5 jars), pumpkin seeds ready to be roasted. Oddly, I decided this would be best started at 8pm last night, so I was up until 11:30 canning and pureeing. Next up is slicing and syruping the peaches so I can freeze them. We seem to be doing a good job eating them now, but last winter, it sure was tasty putting slices of peaches on our yogurt from our summer picking. 

Here's pictures of peach picking at Marker Miller Farms - a great orchard!

Very tart blackberries!

And I had to add these - Tate and a neighborhood friend helped another neighbor find their dog. After that, the two decided on helping out animals everywhere by making and posting signs around the neighborhood. They cracked me up! Just a general shout out to lost animals, people! And bogs - gotta look out for bogs. (We're still working on lower case "b's" and "d's".)

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  1. I love it. If I lose my bog, I will call Tate right away.