Sunday, June 17, 2012

Graduation Happenings

Whole lot of graduating going on! My beautiful niece just finished high school. FINISHED! She is on her way to college in August, and a great future ahead - she is a super talented dancer, and I could not be more proud of her. Such a fun, happy, good human!

We also had 5th grade graduation - Smith is going on to Middle School! Hard to believe! He'll do great there, I am sure. I am very happy for him to go in the sense that I know how ready he is. But it's bittersweet to be sure - this last year is the only year he and Tate will be in school together. They sit together on the bus always (unless Tate prefers to sit with someone else...I tell you that boy is the sweetest child ever), and I think she, especially, will miss him next year. 

Tate finished her last year of not all day school - she'll be a full fledged 1st grader in the fall and will go all day. I am not a big fan of afternoon kindergarten, so that part of it will be nice, but I sure will miss my mornings with Miss Bean.

Keep marching forward - too many fun times ahead to feel too sad about the past. But a reminder to myself to keep these pictures up, and to hit the "record" button on my iPhone more often!!

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